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Tips And Tricks You Need To Know To Take Perfect Vacation Photos

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or about to head out on your first endeavor, photographing your travels can be a stressful ordeal. You want to make sure you’re getting good shots that capture the essence and culture of your destination, but you also have a strict and fully packed itinerary so you can squeeze everything in. Fortunately, capturing perfect vacation photos can actually be a relaxing way to spend your time as long as you’re prepared.

On that note, here’s a list of travel tips to consider for your upcoming vacation photo adventure:

Find a Different Perspective

Search for any famous landmark from the Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty, and you’ll find thousands of similar images. To make your travel photos stand out, try to look at the destination in a different way. Maybe there’s an interesting angle or time of day that would make a great, yet rare image.

I try to mix things up by getting up close to the subject and taking a walk far away just to see if an unfamiliar, but novel perspective presents itself. I find a couple of good tools to aid with discovering new perspectives.

Pack A Tripod

It may be cumbersome and seem like more hassle than it’s worth, but a tripod is a useful tool to have you snapping faultless vacation photos. For morning and evening low-light landscapes, or when there’s no sign of a passerby to aid in your travel group photo, a good travel tripod comes to the rescue.

However, it pays to be aware of your airline’s carry-on rules and regulations. Many airlines limit the length of tripods, which may mean yours needs to travel in your checked baggage. I’ve often found the gorilla pod satisfies airline restrictions and suffices for my needs while away from home.

Weather Research for Photography

Weather can have a devastating effect upon a holiday in general, but it can be especially disastrous for vacation photos. A rainy day can turn photos of outdoor activities into empty spaces on your memory card. That’s why I recommend downloading a local weather app for your travels.

It will make it easier to plan outdoor activities when good weather is forecasted and focus on rainy day photography when you know the weather is going to be subpar. And when the weather is rainy, these helpful tips can help you capture great travel photos despite the weather.

Fear Water

The sworn enemy of the DSLR–water can ruin your holiday. It’s more than likely you’re going to get caught in the rain, splashed in a boat, or excessively sweaty in the tropical heat. If you’re not sporting a waterproof camera, these are dangerous times. I recently lost my DSLR body during a torrential downpour. I was driving a motorbike and had little warning of the flash flood ahead.